Hi Everyone,

Have you ever wondered if you have Psychic abilities? Have you ever noticed a shadow from the corner of your eye and thought there was someone there but when you looked there was no-one?
Have you ever had a "Gut" feeling about someone or a situation and it turned out you were right?


What is a Psychic?

A psychic as strictly defined is a person who is able to sense (has sixth sense) things that are not available through ordinary sensory perceptions. Being able to use certain Powers of seeing (Clairvoyant) hearing (Clairaudient) or sensing (Clairsentinent). Some may use all or some of these Powers.

What is a Fortune Teller?

I believe a Fortune Teller is another term for Psychic. This term is used more in European countries. The difference could be that in ancient times (and possible current times) they stood out by the clothes or head gear/scarves they wore. Gypsies were know to be Fortune Tellers.

What is an Empath?

An Empath is a person who Feels/ is highly sensitive to the Emotions or Energy of another person, animal, plants or to the environment around them.

What is an Intuitive?

It is your Intuition, your Instinct/Gut Feeling...what one feels to be true even without conscious reasoning.

What is a Medium? - A Medium is someone who has developed sensitivity beyond their sixth sense to see, hear and feel the energy of souls that have passed over and will give you messages during a reading that could be from a loved one or departed pet.

A Psychic may not necessarily be a Medium...But a Medium can be a Psychic.
Everyone has these abilities only some of us (like myself) choose to work with them...With some people it all comes natural.
There is nothing "Scary" about having these qualities if you choose to follow this path. There are also plenty of reputable teachers that will support and guide you along the way.


The Energy Vibration of Numbers...where Spirituality and Science come together...
What is You Life Path Number? ... This is your path and the person you are meant to be...We achieve our life path number by adding all the numbers in our birth date to reach one single digit at the end... i.e. if you were born 12/04/1961...add 1+2+4+1+9+6+1= 24 then 2+4 = 6 therefore your life path is a 6
Check out your life number!!
1 = Leader
2 = Counsellor
3 = Entertainer
4 = Organiser
5 = Adventurer
6 = Carer
7 = Inventor
8 = Business
9 = Humanitarian
If you are fortunate to have a double number at the end before you calculate your single digit i.e. 11...22...33 then you are an old soul with a special purpose
11 = Guide
22 = Teacher
33 = Healer
Have Fun and Enjoy working out your life path destiny...

Never underestimate your own self worth – You have what it takes

What does Peace mean to you? Is it having quiet time with no one around...Is it feeling the sense of peace within yourself even in a crowded room (afterall what's Outer peace without Inner peace first?)....It could be sending Love and Forgiveness to those that hurt us!

...or Meditating and feeling the connection of oneness with The Universe, Angels, Spirit Guides, God! Have a think and find your own sense of Inner Peace to create a peaceful existence..

If you feel you need guidance to find inner Peace give me a call.

I wish each and everyone of you Peace. What does peace mean to Me! Peace means letting go of regrets, accepting where I am in the present moment, forgiveness for the past and letting go of what I can't change, meditating to relax mind, body and soul and embracing each day with renewed optimism and a smile on my face.

An Affirmation is a Positive message you can repeat to yourself that will change your perception and belief system...i.e. I am Strong and Confident...I now draw an abundance of what I need in my life, Love, Money, Success, Happy Relationships, I have Perfect Health, ...try creating your ownAffirmation (Remember it must be Positive to attract a Positive Outcome)...try it for a week and see Magic Happen!

Did you know in order to open our Intuition/Psychic abilities we need to meditate daily at least a minimum 15 -30 minutes.

Relaxation Therapy the ART of being able to feel Relaxed even when you are busy..not just lying down or sleeping ...One of the better ways is focusing on the breath...learning deep breathing (in through the nose /out through the mouth).

A Psychic is not always a Medium, A Medium can be a Psychic.

A Psychic will predict what is possible in Love, Relationships, Family, Work, Career and your Life from the Present, predict what could be possible in the Future and what the Past was like and what brought you to the where you are Now by “tuning in” to your Energy and being able to give you a reading.

A Medium will channel messages from the “other side” and pass on messages from passed Loved Ones, even Animals that have passed.

Numerology is a practical and logical science with a balance of the Spiritual. First we calculate the Numbers then the impressions flow. Numerology can be a “Divine” tool with a practical scientific / spiritual approach. Each Number has it’s own Vibrational frequency which provides us with a Spiritual meaning.

A Tarot Reader will use Tarot cards as a “Tool” to do your reading. T he cards have symbolic images that want to give you Guidance and Messages of the Past, Present and Future and Current Situation you may be in at the time of the reading. No future is set in concrete we all have the Power of Free Will to make choices and decisions of where our life direction will go so, the outcome of the reading is only a possibility.

Spiritual Guidance opens up to the infinite possibilities that Spirit has for you, Hope, Inspiration, even Fun and Humour and not to take life too seriously, that it is not all doom and gloom and to be able to become more Optimistic and Positive in your decisions. The reader will channel these messages from Spirit to you.

Angel Cards are alike to Spiritual guidance only using the Angel Cards where the pictures tell the story and the reader gives you the reading.

Crystals / Gem Stones are Gifts from God wear them, have them around the house, in your pocket, in the car in your bag...they not only look gorgeous they also have their own Mystical/Magical Energies for Healing, Protection, Love and balance for us....Rose quartz for Love, Black Onyx for Protection, Clear quartz as an al rounder for healing and balance from head to toe, Lapis Lazuli for opening of Third eye and communication, there are so many to choose from why not visit your local New Age Store or look them up online and choose which you feel would suit you best for your needs.

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