I have known Mina since 2005. Over the last 8 years she has been able to steer me through some very rough waters and onto safety. I have a particularly stressful job where good appearing people turnout to be backstabbing evil so and so's. Mina has helped me tirelessly, too avoid disaster.
Her caring demeanor is so good to hear when the walls are moving in on you from all directions. She is never judgemental and is always willing to listen and advise.
I always look forward to talking to her.


For the past couple of years Mina has been a genuine loving, honest, accurate fortune teller, spiritual divine teacher, and a real friend to me.  In all Mina’s readings for me I have found Mina to be honest  and  accurate with details during the readings which has helped me to find solutions with peace and love not only within myself, but also with my past and future, as well as with people who have come and gone in my life. I am forever grateful for Mina’s honesty, guidance, accurate fortune telling, and her spiritual divine advice on how to love and listen to self heart, mind as well as the universe. I have truly found a real friend who will always listen and advise without any judgements and always with love, for life. 


I have been having readings from Mina for the past 5 years on a regular basis and I find her to be quite accurate with her predictions.  Mina has a  Gentle, Soft  and Caring  approach but will speak directly as it is with no sugar coating.
Her Guidance and Insights  have steered me in the right direction to make choices and decisions I never would have thought possible. I will continue to call her into the future.  Thankyou Mina.   


I have known Mina for 5 years, she is a Genuine Psychic Reader, she provides Guidance and confirmation that allows  me to make  right decisions. 
I knew Mina when I was in a  low emotional period, thanks to  Mina's phone reading and her encouraging words, I have finally  worked  through that low emotional period of my life. I am now able to move forward with more confidence and the future is looking a lot brighter for me.

From her Numerology reading, I discovered  my strengths and weakness in more detail.  Life is a long journey, it is about ongoing learning and improving, I Feel with a great mentor like Mina, it  helps immensely on the journey.  Life is full of mysteries, Sometimes you just wonder what to do when you come to a T-Junction in Life and do not know which path you should take? Who you can trust? That is the time, you need to call Mina, she is the one who will guide you through the difficulties, who will send you the love you deserve, who wil comfort you with peace, who you can tell the secret to, who you can cry to, of course you can laugh with too...

My advice is: Why don't you try yourself and find out? 


Mina has done numerous readings for me over the past 8 months. I have found her to be a very honest person, someone extremely easy to talk to. She has guided me through these past months via communication with Spirit and reading the messages of the Tarot Cards. Mina is always willing to help and listen. Her readings are accurate.

Thankyou Mina,

Deb. ACT

I have know Mina for 7 years. I find Mina to be a Genuine Psychic Reader, she provides guidance and confirmation that allows me to make the right decisions.
I knew Mina when I was going through an emotional period, thanks for Mina's reading and her encouraging words, I have finally got through that emotional period. I am able to look forward to the future with Optimism and Confidence..
Mina is also a great Numerology reader, I have discovered my strengths and weakness and she has shown me my true life path in this lifetime. With a great friend and mentor like Mina, it helps immensely to stay on track in this life journey.


Wow! Mina thankyou so much for the Guidance and prediction you gave me with my Love relationship he has actually proposed as you predicted Thankyou

Steph Vic

I love lisenting to your soothing voice Mina and your words are very inspiring Just when I thought I had Hit a Brick wall you gave me peace of mind and the opportunity to make a firm decision to keep going....Thanks

Rob Vic

Mina is always "In-Tune" ... Thankyou Mina

Mina - I have turned to this wonderful gifted woman for assistance and guidance since July 2016. Through some of my toughest and heart wrenching moments she was a call away and able to calm, reassure and guide me. Her voice as enough to stop the heart racing and helped calm the nerves. she has helped me walk a rough, cobbled road for the last 2years. Any sceptic will be well and truly astounded. She has amazing ability to read life like a book and guide you through the next chapter. It’s not until you get there that you remember her words. An Angel on this earth and one I will never forget for as long as I live. A blessing to people like myself who cross paths with her beautiful gift. You nailed it time and time again x
V.M. Victoria