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Email Readings

Feeling Stuck need an answer to 1 Quick question?

1 Question $25.00

2 Questions $35.00

3 Questions $45.00

Send your questions to me via email to [email protected]

Once payment is received your reading will be forwarded within 24 hours.

You will need a Credit Card.

For further questions call

  (03) 9191 9047

  [email protected]

Numerology Readings

Numerology where Science (the numbers) and Spirituality (the vibes and meanings of the numbers) connect.

Numerology has been around for over 5000 years. It is an intensely practical system that provides a unique insight into the human personality and it's potential. Our date of birth and our names hold information of our past present and future. It can be the key to happiness, love, health, wealth, and success.

Numerology gives us a better understanding of our Innerself.

A full Numerology chart will tell you your weaknesses and strengths enabling you to grow by working through your weaknesses and using your strengths for success.

You will also gain valuable information by understanding your life path on your journey in this life time. Karmic lessons of previous lifetime will come to the surface and much more.

Price for full Numerology chart $100.00

Personal Year Numerology Chart

Are you stuck? Can't decide what choice to make? Is it a good time for Love or not?

This reading will outline possibilities and predictions for the current year which occurs birthday to birthday it will I indicate if it is a year for Love, Work, Career, Moving House, Finances, etc....

Price for Personal Year Chart $75.00

Diamond Year Chart

This chart is designed for the mature aged years 40 years plus where serious decisions need to be

made in life. It will indicate challenges and growth periods etc.

Price for Diamond Chart $75.00

Buy 3 get 1 Free

Buy 3 sessions with me get 1 Free  

Example: book 1 session at $2.75 p/min for 10 mins $27.50 x 3 = $82.50 pay this price then next (4th session will be recorded as Free? I will send an email to confirm each session and the Free one)

Same applies for Email readings 

 e.g 3 @ $45.00 = $135.00 plus 1 Free

All Readings will be emailed within 24Hours after payment has been received. Readings and will be presented with a border around the page/s that will look attractive for you to print.
Master Cards and Visa Cards accepted only
Leading the Way,

Mina Kali

  (03) 9191 9047

  [email protected]