I See what others can't see

I  Feel if Love is real or not

I Will tell you How your Mind can affect your Body in Health


I Tell you what Fortune may lay ahead with Finances

I Guide you in your Career choices

I Have the Wisdom to Guide you Spiritually


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$2. 75 per min / GST Incl. Higher rate for calls from Mobile and Pay Phones 

Leading the Way

A reading with me will give you the Guidance you need to achieve clarity and a deeper understanding of your situation in Love, Family, Career, Relationships or Money matters and the possibilities and potentials you have within you to be able to use your Free Will to make choices and decisions and to gain more clarity on your direction in life.

Email Readings

Send your questions to me via email to [email protected] Once payment is received your reading will be forwarded within 24 hours.

Numerology Readings

Numerology where Science (the numbers) and Spirituality (the vibes and meanings of the numbers) connect.

Numerology Chart

Are you stuck? Can't decide what choice to make? Is it a good time for Love or not?

Diamond Year Chart

This chart is designed for the mature aged years 40 years plus where serious decisions need to be

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Example: book 1 session at $2.75 p/min for 10 mins $27.50 x 3 = $82.50 pay this price then next time get 1 free

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$2.75per min / GST Incl. Higher rate for calls from Mobile Phones and Pay Phones

What my Clients say About us

Relaxation is not about Lounging around or falling asleep, it’s about feeling relaxed Mentally and Physically while going about your daily activities.

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This reading will outline possibilities and predictions for the current year which occurs birthday to birthday it will I indicate if it is a year for Love, Work, Career, Moving House, Finances, etc....